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Warmer Winter: Winter Clothing Donation

What comes to your mind first when you hear the word “winter”? “Energy bills” will be on more people’s minds this year than before. With the soaring cost of living and energy, it was found that 88% of adults in UK are worried about the rise in energy prices. To cope with the rising costs, almost two in five have cut spending on food and groceries by as much as 29%. Some said they would have to choose between food and heating.

At Steps To Work, we are committed to helping the locals with barriers to build a brighter future. With more than 17,000 households in Walsall estimated to be in fuel poverty, we encourage you to help others out while finding ways to lower your energy bills.

From now on, you can donate blankets, hot water bottlers, winter clothing, hats, scarves or gloves to us. All sizes are welcomed. You can help others who may be struggling, while freeing up space in your wardrobe. We will send them to local families in need through our network of partners. Join us and help spread the warmth so that everyone can have a warmer winter!

Donations are accepted at:

9th or 6th Floor, Townend House, Park Street, Walsall WS1 1NS

Items for donation