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Vision, Mission & Values

Our brand is strongly influenced by our vision, mission and values. Understanding what Steps To Work stands for and what we can offer our participants, candidates, clients, stakeholders and employees alike is fundamental in ensuring our success and long-term sustainability.

To help local people, many of whom face multiple barriers, find sustainable, rewarding and meaningful jobs.

To create opportunities and change futures by forging connections between local people and businesses.

Our core values represent our work ethic and unique organisational culture. They form part of our everyday working life and influence our behaviour at all levels through our interactions with customers – both internal and external. Our values pledge:

Our Passion Inspires We are deeply passionate about creating opportunities for all and changing lives for the better. With Passion at the heart of everything we do, we nurture ideas, inspire excellence, and find creative ways to support and empower local people.

Creating Positive Social Impact – We make a positive impact to peoples lives through our actions, supporting people to overcome their barriers and realise their ambitions. Acting responsibly, we pursue opportunities for sustainable growth ensuring our decisions benefit the environment and community.

Acting with Integrity – We work in a transparent and ethical way, to build trust and respect with all stakeholders. We value diversity, celebrate individual differences and act with honesty. We work collaboratively to ensure that everyone has a voice and is included.

We Transform Through Innovation  We relentlessly pursue innovative improvement and excellence in all that we do. We strive to be the best version of ourselves by being flexible, adaptable and embracing change.