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Tips for Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

The hunt for attracting and retaining talent is getting more intense and competitive than ever before. Dubbed as the ‘’Great Resignation’’, businesses are losing employees to higher paid jobs or ones that fit their values, whilst struggling to hire skilled workers to replace them.

However, with talent being the key to a company’s success, the question is, how do you recruit and retain great people?

In this blog, Bhanu Dhir, our Group CEO, provides his top tips on recruiting and keeping employees.

  1. Career progression

Work Institute survey found that a lack of career development opportunities is one of the biggest reasons why employees quit their jobs. Therefore, it’s essential that you give employees the opportunities they seek, accelerate their growth, and transform their careers.

A few ways that you can foster career development and help your employees flourish is by:

  • Introducing a job rotation programme so employees get a chance to learn different areas of the business. If staff have common knowledge and a basic skillset of all areas, this can also improve the efficiency of your organisation and the workload of employees.
  • Allowing your new employees to learn from experienced staff members through a mentoring programme. Mentors can guide new hires on their professional journeys, provide advice and help them settle into the company.
  • Holding lunch learning sessions that explore a range of subjects relevant to your workplace. These sessions can be interactive, fun and allow staff members to learn all about different areas of the business.
  • Creating personable career development plans and training programmes. Everyone has different aspirations, so speak to your staff about what they want to achieve in their career and the steps they need to take to get there.
  1. Company culture

In its recently released 2022 Global Talent Trends report on the reinvention of company culture, LinkedIn found that businesses that don’t take flexibility and employee well-being seriously will not meet the expectations of today’s professionals. Another piece of research from Remote also found that flexible work hours is now one of the most important employee benefits for jobseekers.

With the rise in hybrid and remote working over the past few years, it’s no surprise that the working world has transformed. Not only this, with many companies all over the globe banishing the traditional five working day week, expectations and priorities have changed.

Now employees are looking for opportunities that fit around their needs and lifestyle. Therefore, to compete against others in your industry, attract and retain top talent, employers should seek to fine-tune their culture to meet the needs of today’s professionals.

Offering employees different ways of working is essential to attract new people. Companies are now recognising this – in its report, LinkedIn found that there was an 83% increase in job posts mentioning flexibility and 343% more mentions of flexibility in company posts since 2019.

Being flexible could range from offering a four-day working week or shorter working days, to hybrid or remote working. Of course, one approach may not fit the needs of all, so ensure to talk to future and current employees to figure out what suits them best.

  1. Power of social media

Social media is a powerful tool that can often make or break a company. For industries, such as manufacturing and construction, which are facing difficulties recruiting due to misconceptions and an ageing workforce, using social media is essential as it can help reach younger people and challenge negative opinions.

Employers can use Instagram, for example, to visually show what it’s like to be employed in the industry and the people who work for you. If you’re holding a company event or have recently donated to a charity, make sure to shout about it on social media as it shows that you’re a business who cares about its employees and community.

One platform that’s dominating the market space is TikTok. The rapidly growing platform is being used by people across the globe to post their own video resumes, search for work and to find job seeking tips. Like Instagram, TikTok is a fun way for businesses to attract younger applicants by visually showcasing their team, humanising their brand by taking part in challenges and providing insight into its company culture.

We’re here to support you

With companies increasing salaries in a bid to recruit and retain new people and compensate for a loss talent, losing staff can be expensive. However, following these simple tips will not only ensure that your current employees will feel valued and happy, but it will also help you attract great people.

If you’re currently looking for staff and need help finding top talent, contact our team at Starting Point Recruitment.