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Supporting Refugees with BBO Bridges 2

case studies of Refugee week

Over the course of the Bridges project we have supported a number of refugees to enable them to build a better future and feel included in their communities.

As part of Refugee Week 2020 we are sharing some of their inspiring stories! Read more below, and if you missed our first lot of case studies you can read them here.


Kulwinder came to the UK in February 2019 in the search of a better life for her and her family. Prior to moving to the UK, she lived in Italy for 10 years but is originally from India, where she lived as a child attending Primary and Secondary School.

Kulwinder is a mother of two and lives only with her close family meaning she communicates in Panjabi. Her inability to communicate in English has negatively affected her daily life, making it difficult to make friends, help with her children’s homework and find employment. Kulwinder needed help to learn to use a computer so that she could write her CV and apply for jobs, she felt ashamed that she did not have these skills and wanted to be more independent.

Attending an ESOL course helped Kulwinder to improve her English language skills, she has also been enrolled onto an accredited Adult Education course to work towards her goal of working in education, she also has plans to undertake a Childcare course in future. Kulwinder has improved her confidence as well as her language skills and is now making progress towards her goals, best of all she has been able to make friends and communicate with her children in English to help with their school work.

“I can now help my children with their homework”


ESOL Entry 1 student, Milada is a kind and cheerful workaholic, who cares about others and enjoys life. Originally, from the Czech Republic, Milada moved to England in 1999 and lived in Middlesborough. She secured a job in a tech factory that she really liked, made lots of friends and started a family in Middlesbrough. In 2009 Milada moved to Wolverhampton to connect with her husband’s family. She was a devoted mother and invested most of her time in her children’s upbringing and education.

In 2019 Milada started ESOL at RMC. She was making progress very quickly, so in 2020 she enrolled at ESOL Entry 2 course at Adult Education Service. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak and the lockdown, the course start date has been postponed so she is now being supported remotely by RMC via 1-1 video calls and accessing online sessions to maintain her skills.

Milada enjoyed ESOL at RMC; she made some friends and helped others in the class, as she was a strong learner. After she improves her English and gets the qualifications she needs, she would like to start an ICT course, and/or work in the care sector.

‘Life is exciting, There is so much to do in Wolverhampton!’


Refugee Week 2020 15th – 21st June 2020. Join in the conversation #Imagine find more information about refugee week here: https://refugeeweek.org.uk/