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Steps To Work & Starting Point Recruitment Signed the Disability Employment Charter



Employment support specialists, Steps To Work, have pledged their support to tackling the employment gap between disabled and non-disabled people by signing the Disability Employment Charter. This comes as the Walsall-based charity’s non-profit recruitment agency, Starting Point Recruitment (SPR), have also become a signatory of the Charter.

Founded in 2011, the Disability Employment Charter calls on the UK Government to implement a series of measure to help redress the imbalance and creates more opportunities for people with disabilities and different conditions. 

Steps To Work and SPR join 100 other organisations who have pledged their support to the Charter, including Unison, Mencap, the Royal Society for the Blind and the University of Warwick.

Bhanu Dhir, Chief Executive Officer at Steps To Work and Starting Point Recruitment, commented:

“As an organisation, we believe that those with the biggest barriers deserve the most help to build a brighter future. Current disability gap is around 30% and it has remained the stable in the last 10 years which means that many disabled people are struggling to find employment that could reflect their skills and potential. When we look at the overall numbers of 52.7% employment rate for disabled people and 81% for non -disabled people, we could easily reflect on the fact that we have a problem and loosing significant talent and potential. At the heart of the problem lies overdoing the  supply side of the chain rather than looking at the demand side- rather than focusing on fixing the individual for employment, we need to create work environments that are more flexible and adaptive to change.

 Approximately 40% of our service users are having a disability or long-tern health conditions which prevent them to enter mainstream employment, however as we work with them and understand their needs and aspirations, we are committed to provide them not only with jobs but with professional environment where they could truly thrive and succeed!”. 

To read more about the Disability Employment Charter, please visit: www.disabilityemploymentcharter.org. or download our pack to the Disability Employment Charter! JOIN US TODAY!