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Steps To Work Pledge Support for Youth Employment

Steps To Work Support Youth Employment2020 has undoubtedly been a difficult year for many of us and whilst everyone’s lived experience is particular to them, some groups have arguably been affected more than others. One such group is the young people within our society, albeit ‘Generation COVID’, whose lives and prospects have undergone significant transformation over the course of the last year.

Whilst we do not yet know the full impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, it is likely that those aged 16 – 24 will be living with the social and economic fallout for decades to come. With the regional labour market set to further contract as we move into 2021, young people increasingly face leaving school or university unable to get a job, meaning they are more likely to be frozen out of employment for a significant time. To mitigate this, it is imperative that employers adopt a proactive approach to ensure this generational cohort continue to have access to job opportunities and training that will enable them to thrive in a post-COVID landscape.

 According to the DWP, youth unemployment across the West Midlands has increased by 96% since March. 

In our effort to enhance the employability prospects of local young people, we have recently signed the Good Youth Employment Charter established by Youth Employment UK. The charter provides a quality framework that supports, inspires and recognises organisations and employers who are committed to creating good quality employment opportunities for young people.

Moving forwards, we will continue to demonstrate commitment to the Charters’ five principles, whilst encouraging our network of partners to also actively engage with this initiative. Aligned with our own organisational values, these principles include:

  • Creating Opportunity
  • Recognising Talent
  • Fair Employment
  • Developing People
  • Youth Voice

This is a crucial move in supporting our young people to forge viable career pathways, complementing our current delivery of Black Country Futures, the DWP Work & Health Programme and Government Kickstart Scheme; programmes aimed at helping young people find sustainable, rewarding and meaningful employment.

For more information on how we are able to support young people across the region, please contact us on 01922 627555 or email enquiries@stepstowork.co.uk.