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Staying connected during lockdown with Bridges

In light of the current circumstances of COVID-19, the Bridges team at Age Matters continue to support participants through difficult times of isolation, some of whom are on their own, are supporting their children with homeschooling, or are sharing their home with elderly relatives.

Age Matters sent out a wellbeing pack to all participants prior to lockdown which has been gratefully received and has kept the mind active through brain teaser activities, quiz questions and gentle exercises. The team has also supported participants with food parcels, medication and information and advice, as well as providing wellness calls to each participant on a regular basis.

We are extremely proud of our participants who have been putting their current strengths to good use and also those who have learnt new skills throughout this isolation period.

Many participants have taken to their garden to enjoy the sunshine, one gentleman in particular has taken it upon himself to look after his neighbours garden who currently works for the NHS. One lady has completed a number of online courses to build on her skills and build on her CV.

DIY, Crafts, Soap Making, Sewing, Housework and Drawing are amongst the many activities our participants are keeping themselves busy with. Along with a challenge to send us their pictures via technology they are not necessarily used to!

Although this is a difficult and worrying time for everyone, Bridges participants have benefitted from the continued and tailored support from the Bridges project which has helped to keep them connected and supported.