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RESTART Case study -Hiring for enthusiasm and motivation

Leah joined the Restart Scheme at Steps To Work in April this year, where she worked closely with her dedicated work coach to build her confidence and motivation. Claire, her coach, also provided support in crafting tailored CVs for different employment sectors. Recognising Leah’s readiness for employment, Claire reached out to the Employer Engagement Team, who quickly identified the ideal retail position for her.

Fortunately, we were able to leverage our connections with employers and set up an interview for Leah with Terry, the store manager at Smyths Toys in Merry Hill. Although Leah lacked extensive work experience, she displayed unwavering commitment, enthusiasm, and a vibrant energy. Her eagerness to learn and positive attitude made her a perfect fit for the role.

During their meeting with Leah, it became evident that she possessed excellent communication skills, a bubbly personality, and an overwhelmingly positive outlook. Impressed by her qualities, Terry, the store manager at Smyths Toys, agreed to interview Leah the very next day. Our team ensured she was well-prepared for the interview, and she confidently presented herself.

After receiving feedback from Terry, it was clear that Leah had made a lasting impression. She was offered the job on the spot, finally securing a role in the retail industry. Starting on October 25th, just one day after her interview, Leah seamlessly transitioned into her new position, embracing the opportunity to meet new people and acquire new skills. Recognizing her potential, the employer is excited to see her growth and anticipates a positive outcome after the Christmas period.