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Partnership working pays off for Bridge Participant

Salma joined the Bridges Project in December 2019.  She was born in the UK but the family then returned to her mother’s hometown of Sudan.  Salma later decided she wanted to return to the UK and went to live with family members in Sheffield.

Salma wanted to look for employment but, due to her qualifications not being recognised in the UK and English not being her first language, she was unable to find work.

Eventually Salma left Sheffield to live in the West Midlands with friends.  She had no income and applied for benefits.
She was informed she would have to look for employment and/or consider other options to increase her chances of getting a job, such as renewing her qualifications in the UK.  Salma felt she needed support to explore her options and build her confidence and made contact with the Bridges team.

After contacting Bridges Salma unfortunately found herself in a difficult situation, which resulted in her becoming homeless.  She was struggling to get any help so her Bridges Mentor, Johanna, supported her and put her in contact with the Refugee & Migrant Centre. They were able to give Salma practical advice on her situation and Steve Bayliss acted as her advocate and spoke on her behalf to the Local Authority.  After a lot of persistence on all sides, Steve was able to secure accommodation for Salma along with her rent deposit and a further two months rent.

The Bridges partnership pulled together to secure safe accommodation for Salma and donated bedding and food to help her get back on her feet.  She now feels that she can start to concentrate on her future again and plans to attend Bridges’ “It’s All About You” Workshop programme to build her confidence and self-esteem.  We will then look at courses to update Salma’s qualifications and get her ready for the workplace.

I am so grateful for all the help and practical support my Mentor, Johanna, and Steve Bayliss from RMC gave me in my time of need. I can now focus on achieving my goals, without the worry of having nowhere to live.