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How can we work together?

Steps to Work, an employability charity, recognizes the crucial intersection between corporate success and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals.

By fostering strategic partnerships with companies, Steps to Work aims to amplify the impact of their shared commitment to social responsibility. Through collaborative initiatives, the charity can assist businesses in achieving their ESG objectives, contributing to a sustainable and inclusive corporate culture.

partnerships with Step To Work

Partner with Steps to Work: Unleash impact, attract top talent

The Department of Work and Pensions' Restart Initiative

Embrace Restart

Join the leading provider of the Department for Work & Pensions’ Restart Scheme. This initiative helps long-term unemployed individuals upskill and land sustainable jobs. By offering vacancies through Steps to Work, you gain:

  • Qualified candidates: Access a diverse pool of motivated individuals eager to prove themselves.
  • Reduced recruitment costs: Let Steps to Work handle the screening and initial training, saving you time and resources.
  • Boosted employer brand: Showcase your commitment to social impact and attract top talent-seeking purpose-driven companies.

Build together

Support community projects run by Steps to Work. From skills workshops to career fairs, these initiatives empower disadvantaged individuals and revitalise neighbourhoods. Here’s how you can contribute:

  • Donate space: Offer your facilities for training programs, networking events, or pop-up job centers.
  • Provide resources: Sponsor equipment, materials, or refreshments for community projects.
  • Share expertise: Volunteer your employees’ skills and knowledge to mentor job seekers or deliver workshops.

In return, you receive:

  • Enhanced community reputation: Be recognised as a champion of positive change in the West Midlands.
  • Team engagement: Motivate your employees with meaningful volunteering opportunities.
  • Talent pipeline: Foster lasting relationships with potential future hires.

Partnering with Steps to Work is a win-win. You contribute to a brighter future for individuals and communities while strengthening your own brand and attracting top talent. Take the first step today and unleash the power of social impact in your business.

Promote community initiatives managed by Steps to Work
Encourage Steps to Work's neighbourhood initiatives