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Introducing Retro Realm: A New Gaming and Retro Arcade Coming to Walsall in July 2024

Excitement is brewing in Walsall as Retro Realm, a gaming and retro arcade, is set to open its doors in July 2024. This innovative establishment promises to bring a unique gaming experience to the local community, offering a blend of nostalgia and modern entertainment.

Partnership with Steps to Work

The journey to bring Retro Realm to life has been a collaborative effort. Steps to Work’s Employer Engagement Manager Sue Gaskell, reached out to Retro Realm to offer support with their recruitment needs. Following fruitful discussions and understanding the roles Retro Realm sought to fill – including Supervisors, Team Members, Bar Staff, Security, and Chefs – a partnership was forged to assist with staffing requirements.

Pre-Screening and Recruitment Process

The Employer Engagement Team at Steps to Work conducted three days of pre-screening activities for the various roles at Retro Realm. This involved providing an overview of job roles, conducting ice breakers, offering interview preparation sessions, and ensuring participants were ready to impress potential employers. After the screening process, 23 individuals were selected for the first stage interviews, with 17 progressing to the final interview stage.

Successful Recruitment and Training

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of Steps to Work and Retro Realm, 10 individuals were offered positions within Supervisor, Team Member, Maintenance Repair, Bar Staff, and Chef roles. The new employees, both internal and external candidates, gathered at Steps premises on June 18th to meet their new colleagues and prepare for their roles at Retro Realm.

In addition to recruitment, Steps to Work has supported Retro Realm by providing upskilling and training opportunities for the new employees. Training in First Aid, Food Safety, and Manual Handling has equipped the team with essential skills as they eagerly anticipate their onboarding in July.

Looking Ahead

The partnership between Steps to Work and Retro Realm has been a resounding success, with Retro Realm’s founders, Craig and Adam, expressing their gratitude for the support received. As Retro Realm gears up for its grand opening, the team is excited to deliver a bespoke gaming experience to the community, blending fun, innovation, and nostalgia.

It’s been a rewarding journey supporting Retro Realm in their recruitment and training endeavours, and Steps to Work is thrilled to be a part of Retro Realm’s exciting new venture in Walsall. As Craig aptly puts it, “Working with Steps to Work, it was just so simple. Sue was fantastic, we explained what we needed she found the appropriate candidates. One of the best bits about it, we explained to her about what we could do with regarding some onsite training, and she’s sorted us first aid, Health and Hygiene and manual handling.” He boasted, “we’ve got two supervisors out of the group and we’ve got one chef and the rest are team members. Sue vetted everybody so we didn’t have to!”

Sue Gaskell, Employer Engagement Officer of Steps to Work, managing the process said, “it has been great to work with Craig, Adam and the Team at Retro Realm. It is exciting to be part of a new unique gaming establishment. We have worked hard in collaboration with Craig and the Team which has resulted in 10 Restart participants being offered fantastic jobs to start in June and July,” the buzz continued, “we have pre screened, upskilled and worked extremely hard in get a diverse workforce that represents the Gaming Community as well as supporting local people into local jobs.”

Summarising the experience, and speaking on behalf of the team at Steps to Work, Sue finished by saying, “we look forward to a grand opening in July and look forward to a long and fruitful partnership!”