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Evolve Case Study: Finding the way

Kamile* moved to the UK in 2015 and soon underwent divorce proceedings that eventually lead to her becoming a single mother to a small boy. With her family not being based in the UK, she had been struggling to find friends and support and found communication to be a barrier due to English not being her first language.

Joining BBO Evolve in November 2020, Kamile was concerned about her level of English and was worried that her Project Officer would not be able to understand her very well. However, she was able to communicate with us and we helped her enroll at a local College where she took courses in English Language and Writing, which she passed with flying colours! As a result, her confidence grew and she confessed that she would like to find work opportunities in the beauty industry in order to become financially independent and take care of her child.

To help her prepare, we encouraged Kamile to complete both an ESOL Level 1 and a Maths qualification. As she needed funding for these courses, we supported her with the application and provided her with the necessary guidance to successfully enrol. Knowing what she wants to pursue as a career choice, she expressed her interest in also undertaking a Level 2 Beauty Course.

Eventually, she obtained the funding and started her Level 2 Beauty course, and is due to start her Level 1 ESOL and Level 1 Maths courses very soon.

In addition to this, upon arriving in the UK Kamile was given a temporary permit to live and work here, and this September she was granted full naturalisation to remain meaning she is now a fully-fledged British Citizen!

*The name of the participant has been changed due to confidentiality

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