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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

At Steps To Work, we believe that diversity – whether demographic or cognitive – is a key driver of progress and innovation. It is our mission is to create opportunities for all and help change the lives of those who face adversity, supporting them to achieve their true potential. Therefore, equality, diversity and inclusiveness (EDI) are core to who we are, how we work and how we live our values.

As an organisation, we are committed to eliminating discrimination, actively encouraging equality and diversity in the workplace. We firmly believe in equal opportunity and social inclusion for all, ensuring that everyone is treated with the utmost level of dignity and respect, regardless of age, race or ethnicity, gender identity, disabilities or long-term health issues, sexual orientation and / or religion or belief. 

Taking The LEAD

Set up in 2021, our LEAD Group – Let’s Embrace All Differences – supports Steps To Work in mainstreaming EDI understanding and skills amongst our workforce, service users, stakeholders and the wider community, helping us to meet diverse user needs that create stronger, more resilient and more inclusive communities.

We believe that equal opportunity and social inclusion should be available to all and ingrained in everything we do. By embracing good equality and diversity practices, we aim to make sure that the services we provide to staff, participants, stakeholders and the wider community are fair and accessible to everyone. 

Aims of our LEAD Group:

  • Ensure that robust systems are in place across all the organisation to collect EDI information.
  • Incorporate EDI-related insights and ideas into policies and working practices from communication across strategic and service levels.
  • Initiate focus groups and organise activities to promote to Steps To Work, service users, stakeholders and the wider community.
  • Raise awareness of EDI among internal and external stakeholders through exchange and initiating information sharing channels, whilst cultivating an inclusive work environment.
  • Show thought leadership on EDI and influence the policies of UK businesses and recruitment practice.

Our LEAD Group is made up of Group Champions from across all areas of the organisation, many with lived experience of the group they champion. These Champions advocate for different issues that relate to equality and diversity, including LGBTQ+ rights, disability and health issues, refugees and migrants, homelessness, Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups, ex-offenders and more.

This group endeavours to raise awareness of equality and diversity issues across our organisation and beyond. This is accomplished by delivering awareness sessions on various topics at team meetings, with many of the Champions utilising their own lived experience to heighten awareness of key issues. The group also distributes information that facilitates debate and discussion relating to historical, cultural and religious events, further promoting an understanding and inclusion of diverse groups. They have also arranged lunch and learn events for staff that advocate representation for all.

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