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Case study : Budgeting but easy

Beth* joined the Nifty Numbers course in April this year. Prior to the course she stated she would like help with creating a budget plan  and being able to manage her money in a better way.

Beth was very eager to learn more about finances and budget management, she was also very curious and quick learner. During the course, she shared past experience with budgeting and asked for advice how to do better in future situations.

Completing the Nifty Numbers course enabled Beth to grow in confidence and she was no longer scared of managing her money and finances. Moreover, she felt better equipped to be able to budget, including understanding the importance of money management in day-to-day life. 

 On completion of the course Beth said that she felt she had learnt so much about money from Debra, our Nifty Number Officer,  who has been patient and supportive through every step of the way.  Beth’s advice for anyone thinking about starting a Nifty Numbers course “If you have a question, any question about budgeting, sign up for this course, everything is explained very well!’.

 *The name of this participant has been changed to safeguard their identity.

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