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Glad to be offered help, to be working again and feeling alive

How did we help?

When Crystina joined the Restart program in August 2022, her long-term goal was to be an artist in photography and create exhibitions around Walsall. She sought a job that would align with her passion and aspirations. However, after being out of work for a while and facing discouraging responses from employers, her  confidence had decreased.

Crystina lacked confidence due to her unemployment and the lack of positive responses from employers. She wanted to pursue a job that would fit her long-term goal of being an artist in photography.

Working in partnership with Starting Point Recruitment, we successfully placed Crystina in a ground’s maintenance role with Walsall Council. Our in-house skills trainer provided her with the necessary support to build confidence, motivation, and interview skills.

Crystina has proven to be an asset to Walsall Council. She demonstrates a keen interest in her daily tasks and eagerly takes on new responsibilities. Her role as a Grounds Maintenance Operative requires persistence and attention to detail, but Crystina has shown no hesitation in tackling tough tasks. Starting Point Recruitment has praised her progress, commending her hard work, dedication, and effective communication. Crystina’s testimonial while being on the Restart program reflects her gratitude for the offered help, the opportunity to work again, and the feeling of being alive. We continue to provide in-work support to Crystina as she continually improves and works towards her long-term goal of becoming a photography artist.

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