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Reita’s Journey: A New Career at 58

How did we help?

Reita and Jo Churchill, the Minister of DWP, visited the Serco Birmingham office on Thursday, January 4th. During the visit, Jo Churchill interviewed Reita based on her experience with the Restart program and her progression in her long-established career within the care sector, which ultimately led to her employment as a Support Worker in the NHS.

Reita joined the Restart program in January 2023 and initially secured a job with County Cars as a Support Worker escorting children to school. However, she left the position due to the employer not being suitable for her experience. Reita continued working with her Restart job coach Claire, who provided support and assistance in applying for the Health Care Assistant role through Serco for the NHS.

Claire supported Reita throughout the application process, including referring her to pre-screening sessions, assisting with application completion, conducting mock interviews, and even covering the cost of uniforms. This collaborative effort took three months, resulting in Reita successfully gaining employment in November 2023. Additionally, Claire facilitated Reita’s completion of online training courses using Serco’s tablets.

Since joining Serco and the Restart program, Reita has been actively sharing her journey with other participants. She speaks about her experience working for the NHS, the recruitment and training process she went through, and the confidence and career aspirations it has enabled her to pursue. At 58 years old, Reita credits Restart for giving her the confidence, motivation, and a new career path.

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