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BBO Bridges Case Study: Building up mental and physical power

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Rajinder self-referred to the BBO Bridges project at Walsall Leisure after looking for support with improving his physical and mental health and wellbeing. He had inquired about the programme after previously attending Oak Park Active Living Centre as a PACE member. He has suffered from a workplace accident in 2015, where he was exposed to chlorine gas. This resulted in developing chronic pulmonary lung disease, asthma, underactive thyroid and diabetes. Due to the health complications, he has developed symptoms of depression and his mental health deteriorated. Facing financial pressure, he felt that he could not find a job and that would impact his family. In moments of desperation, Rajinder has contemplated suicide and was provided with intensive support from his GP/mental health team.

Rajinder found that when he followed a physio/rehabilitation programme at Manor Hospital, the exercise helped him mentally and physically, improving his mood and helping him to feel more energetic. He has been attending weekly tailored gym sessions with emphasis placed on improving his medical conditions, including both resistance and cardiovascular exercise. Rajinder has also attended one of our drop-in/coffee morning sessions which was held at Oak Park Active Living Centre. This included a general chit chat and provided a variety of information packs including; pain management, mindfulness, stress management, healthy lifestyle and physical activity.

Since joining the programme I have noticed the difference in my physical health.

 My confidence and mental health have also improved.”

Rajinder attends a weekly supported gym session with an MSK Instructor and then follows an individual programme developed by the instructor to allow him to access the gym and exercise independently. He has been very focused on improving his health and wellbeing and has expressed how his physical health has already shown signs of improvement. Rajinder’s confidence and mental health have increased since joining our programme. And he has found that he is less out of breath which is a great achievement as he suffers from COPD.

We will continue to work with Rajinder to improve further his physical and mental health and wellbeing, along with helping manage his chronic health conditions, and hope that in the future he will feel ready to return to suitable employment.