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BCF Case Study – Unleashing Your Potential

As a young transgender person with an abundance of skills and capabilities, Chloe was struggling with anxiety and feeling isolated. In addition to this, a lack of direction left her feeling unsure of how to begin her career and served as a stumbling block to her professional and personal development.

However, from the very beginning it became clear that Chloe has a lot to offer, which become evident during her first meeting at Williamhall jobs club where she expressed her interest in IT and got in touch with the team at Black Country Futures.

Seeing her potential, she was encouraged to become a volunteer officer and used her IT knowledge and excellent interpersonal skills to engage with others, show them the ropes and develop a strong bond with everyone. She felt extremely motivated by the fact that she could help others and pleased to see that she is welcomed by everyone.

With her growing confidence and our encouragement, Chloe eventually chose to set up her own business – Chloe Rebecca’s Computer Corner – which offers a bespoke computer building service along with high standards of technical support.

We are so pleased to see that Chloe has been able to unleash her potential, and she has grown into a confident and assertive young person.

Well done, Chloe!

For more information, and to discover how we can support your journey to work, please visit  www.stepstowork.co.uk/black-country-futures