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BBO Bridges Case Study: From Feeling Isolated to Going Places

When Randy* joined the BBO Bridges project, he was feeling isolated. Due to Covid, Randy had not spoken to anyone for over a year and a half. He did not believe that he could get the help and support he really needed to move forward.

Yet, when he entered our centre and had his initial contact appointment, Randy felt instantly welcomed. He felt that the workstation officers listened to his views, which enabled him to share what was happening in his life.

Randy had not visited his GP for years. Despite suffering from symptoms of epilepsy, Randy was not on any medication. Also, that made it difficult for him to get Covid vaccination which was something that Randy desperately wanted. To help Randy get vaccinated, we accompanied him to visit the GP and complete the sign-up process.

Through continued one-to-one sessions with our team, trust was built and Randy began to be more open about his circumstances. He disclosed that he was finding it difficult to cover his electricity and phone bills or buy any new clothes to make him feel prepared for job interviews.

Our team helped him secure external funding sources for his bills and get a new SIM card.  This has made his life so much easier and he finally has access to the essential services now. Randy’s transition and the progress he has made have been remarkable. Apparently, he has felt that too! Here is what Randy said about his experience with us:

“I went through a year and a half of the pandemic and never spoke to anyone. Joining the project has got my confidence way back up.”

Bridges is funded by the European Social Fund and the National Lottery Community Fund. For more information about the project, please visit stepstowork.co.uk/bridges or contact us on 01922 627555.

*Due to confidentiality, the name of the participant has been changed.