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BBO Bridges Case Study: Finding a courage to move on

Rachel* referred herself to Just Straight Talk and signed up for the BBO Bridges project as she was experiencing multiple barriers which were preventing her from moving forward and finding employment.  She has been struggling with feelings of isolation, bereavement, losing her confidence and financial difficulties.

She contacted us during the lockdown and as a result of that, we were able to keep in touch using zoom video calls and telephone conversations. Rachel has been out of work for 12 months as she experienced bereavement upon losing her mom and developing OCD.

We have started our sessions on a weekly basis and our team worked on making sure that Rachel could receive a reduction in her household bills. By doing this, we started building on creating a budget plan she could follow easily and manage her finances. We also supported her with confidence-building sessions to help her increase her self-esteem and to gain knowledge and understanding of self-helping techniques. The next step we have taken is supporting her with managing her OCD as it has an enormous impact on her life. To do that, we contacted the Dudley Borough services and made inquiries about a possible appointment for Talking Therapy. After a delay due to the long waiting list, Rachel has undergone six weeks of telephone sessions and was referred to an OCD group where she received support on how she could manage her symptoms.

Over time, Rachel’s confidence grew and she started attending the local church and taking part in volunteering initiatives, that really helped her with socialising and gaining valuable work experience.

Feeling optimistic and confident in her job search skills, Rachel is sending applications, writing cover letters, and waiting for two interviews in the following weeks! We are extremely pleased with her progress and we believe that she would be brilliant in her new employment journey.

For more information, and to discover how we can support your journey to work, please visit www.stepstowork.co.uk/bridges/

*The name of the participant has been changed due to confidentiality.