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BBO Bridges Case study: Determination make things happen

Marco* joined the BBO Bridges project in October 2021, before joining the project he had been unemployed for around 2 years and had really struggled to find employment since moving to the UK from Italy.

He had worked in the UK but had found this very hit and miss as he was working for agencies where we would work some days and not have anything scheduled for longer periods after this leading to no consistency in his working life.

Marco wanted a change and wanted to start a career which could give him the financial stability and opportunity to provide for his family. He stated that he wanted to work in a security role but he had never done this before and was unsure how to take the required steps in this field of work. Marco confessed that finding work in England was difficult in comparison with Italy, combining this with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic where he had struggled to find help had really lowered his confidence and he felt like he had nowhere to turn and what to do.

After assessing his barriers to employment and his confidence and well-being we agreed on goals to achieve whilst being on the BBO Bridges Project. Our first step has been helping Marco put his experience and work history together as he has never had a CV before. Following our session, we compiled a great CV with all his experience up to the present moment, and he was quite happy with that. During our next sessions, we supported him with online job search and explained to him how he could write an email to employers, navigate the job search website, and add attachments to his job applications. We were very pleased to see that Marco was keen to learn things in a quick but efficient manner and his determination motivated him immensely.

A few weeks after our job hunt, Marco has been offered a job opportunity as a security guard at Tesco, and he gladly accepted it! He is an example of how with commitment and dedication, you can achieve your goals!

For more information, and to discover how we can support your journey to work, please visit www.stepstowork.co.uk/bridges/ 

*The name of the participant has been changed due to confidentiality.