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BBO Bridges Case Study: A change that makes a difference

Upon joining BBO Bridges, Sarah had been unemployed for over a year. She was referred to us through SUIT (Substance User Involvement Team) after experiencing difficulties with addiction and substance usage. Prior to becoming unemployed Sarah had been a manager at McDonalds, but due to difficulties in her private life following the birth of her third child she developed a substance addiction.

Recognising the challenging situation Sarah was facing, we at BRIDGES were determined to help and provide her with the support that would ultimately get her back into work.

Firstly, we started one-to-one coaching sessions during which we worked on Sarah’s confidence and self-esteem, with this being an area she had been struggling with during the last 18 months.

Sarah was a volunteer at SUIT for two years but the biggest barrier she encountered when looking for work was her lack of IT skills. With this in mind, we set Sarah up on Learn My Way – an online IT course – and supported her through completing the modules.

We are pleased to say that Sarah’s confidence in her skills grew with every single day, as we also supported her with job applications by providing actionable tips and advice on job interview techniques. As a result, Sarah was offered not only one but three positions, one of which she accepted from Recovery Near You as a Support Worker! We further helped Sarah with her DBS check and making sure that she could start her new career journey with confidence!

In addition, we have also been supporting Sarah with her housing applications so that she is able to start the process to fight for custody of her children.

We wish Sarah the best of luck in her future, and we are grateful that we have been able to help and support her in building a brighter future!

For more information, and to discover how we can support your journey to work, please visit www.stepstowork.co.uk/bridges/