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A Positive Outcome for Jermaine

“it’s been a long road to employment I am thankful that Bridges shortened that road. Thank You!”

Jermaine had recently relocated to Dudley from London as he had split up with his partner and decided to move to Dudley to help support and care for his elderly Grandparents. Before the move he was unemployed for 2 years. Jermaine suffers from anxiety and depression which started when he split up with his partner and was unable to regularly interact with his children.

Jermaine is looking for work in the food preparation / serving industry. He struggled with seeking employment due to being Dyslexic and not having I.T. Skills. This made him anxious and lacking confidence in applying for work as he struggles to use online job search facilities.  Due to his recent relocation to Dudley, he was also unaware of the resources available locally to support him.  This made him feel isolated which had further impacted on his confidence and motivation.

After being referred to the Dudley Bridges Project Officer by the Dudley Jobcentre, Jermaine joined Bridges and was supported with CV preparation, emailing, Job search and interview practice.  After a few meetings and job search sessions with the Project Officer and Progression Officer, Jermaine became confident and motivated because of the support and encouragement he had been given. His confidence further increased as he was being contacted by a number of employers within 30 minutes of his job applications being submitted with the Project Officer. However, due to not having a Food Hygiene qualification, he could not take the offers for interviews any further.

Jermaine was then offered a 2-week work trial at a Birmingham restaurant as a Food Preparer. Whilst he was there the P.O. sourced a suitable course to support his dyslexia needs while studying for the Food Hygiene level 2 qualification (The food hygiene course could not be attended due to the Covid-19 Pandemic Virus).The cost of the travel to the work trial was supported by Bridges.

The restaurant owner was impressed with Jermaine’s enthusiasm and his ability to understand and remember the complex food menu.  While on the work trial Jermaine was offered an interview at Berry Brook Farm Restaurant in Wolverhampton, this was from a previous job application submission.

He attended the interview and the Manager was impressed with Jermaine that he offered him the position as Back of House Support at the end of the interview.  The manager said due to Jermaine’s Dyslexia issues he would support him through a Food Hygiene course once he starts work.  However, employment and the course was delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic so the project officer supported Jermaine over the telephone and kept up to date with Berry Brook Farm Restaurant regarding the offer of employment.  Jermaine eventually started employment in July and now has up to 50 hours of work across varying shifts which he is happy with.  He is enjoying working for this employer and  interacting with other  staff.

He said “it’s been a long road to employment I am thankful that Bridges shortened that road. Thank You!”